Quiet beauty, a word that means the quality of medical service.
We are a professional organization focused on family medical care, to provide customers with high-quality outpatient and health services. We adhering to the "patient centered" concept, adhere to the quality of priority, and promote the health of the medical treatment, committed to creating a superior service experience.

Turn the United States in 2015 took the lead in introducing high standards in the Chengdu Clinic Center, have a first-class team of doctors, medical operation mode of advanced and strict quality management system, with the English aims to provide bilingual services, in line with international standards of family doctor service for China and foreign residents.

Family doctor
"Family doctors continued to provide comprehensive health care for individuals and families, is the health" (W.H.O).
The family doctor system is the most important in the world today's health care system, take 8095% common diseases and chronic disease diagnosis and treatment. Family doctors are responsible for the family members of the diagnosis and treatment, referral and consultation, coordination specialist management of patients, they are very understanding of the health of the patient, can be timely and effective to provide professional help. For many families, the hospital is the emergency department and the Department of the hospital, the family doctor is the family's health consultant.
Quiet beauty into the international family doctor service, take reliable health gatekeeper role for customers.

Patient centered
Driven by the interests of the medical model, resulting in a lot of serious problems in China, the urgent need to establish a patient centered medical model. The core principles are: to maintain patient dignity and respect for patients, information sharing, participation, cooperation. In which patients with equal communication is the primary link to respect the patient, good communication helps to establish trust, improve treatment effect.
Quiet beauty from the patient's interests and the safety of the continuity of services rather than commercial interests as the main target, from the system to ensure the communication time, refused to take the medicine, to provide a unified, safe and reliable medical service for patients.

High quality medical care
W.H.O proposed quality medical standards should include: trust and quality, service convenience, cost-effective. The trust and quality is the core, the continuous and stable cooperative relationship is helpful for family doctors and patients to establish a good mutual trust, and strict medical training and rich clinical experience is the guarantee of medical quality.
Quiet beauty has always been to "quality health" is known, from the aspects of team selection to the quality management system, all take the quality as the priority, to ensure the provision of quality medical services in line with international standards for the customer.

Medical team
Have a first-class team of doctors still beautiful, all the doctors in hospital and medical institutions have the international background, more than ten years of clinical experience. They have received strict medical training, have a high professional quality, trustworthy.
Have excellent nursing team quiet beauty, all nurses have good professional skills and nursing experience, can provide the high quality nursing service for customers.

Service standards
With interrogation: Asou Mi adopt international standard for interrogation, setting time and doctor interrogation, the doctor to reduce the load to focus more on the process of diagnosis and treatment, to ensure full communication between doctors and patients, so that patients can get more carefully and high quality services.
Asou Mi: drug than reference drug examination accounted for the international index, encourage doctors to drug as little as possible to effectively solve the problem of excessive examination and patients, reduce the side effects of irrational drug use, to protect the personal safety and interests of patients. Data: China's annual consumption of 138 grams of antibiotics per capita, for the world's 10 times more than the per capita annual infusion of 8 bottles, about 30 times the UK
Cross infection: the United States out of the United States to take an appointment system, effectively control the flow of patients, reduce the risk of cross infection. (data: W.H.O estimation rate of approximately 915%, average cross Chinese hospital infection in large hospital is up to 24%.)
Medical experience: quiet beauty to the patient as the center to plan treatment process, and the temperature of medical service, to provide good medical experience for customers.


As the core of the family medical service, the United States and the United States Department of gynaecology and obstetrics, Department of Gynecology, pediatrics, nutrition, physical therapy, psychology, etc..
Department: general disease treatment, prevention, health care, etc..
Department of gynaecology: general disease diagnosis and treatment, postpartum repair, etc.
Pediatric: general disease diagnosis and treatment, children's growth and development guidance and children's immunity
Nutrition division: chronic disease nutrition, weight management, etc.
Sports physiotherapy department: physical therapy, cervical spine traction, exercise rehabilitation, etc.
Psychological department: stress management, sleep management, parent-child relationship management, etc.

Brand story
In the pediatric doctor's case, there is a case of a deep impression: a child suffering from chronic cough, removed a number of hospitals have failed to cure, so that parents have a negative attitude. Doctor, doctor Huang and parents communicate adequately the child's condition, combing the history and found special children allergic disease, and through careful examination confirmed. The etiology is confirmed, Dr. Huang and parents to discuss treatment options and ultimately cure the child's illness. The experience so that Dr. Wong has won the trust of parents, and served as a child's family doctor.
Anson beauty believes that "patient-centered care" concept, the first is to respect the patients, and patients with full communication and build trust, enable patients to participate in medical decision making, implementation of effective treatment in order to better.

Core values
Mission: we are committed to promoting and improving the quality of life of our customers.
Value: honesty, customer respect, demanding quality, team work, the pursuit of excellence



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